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GENE VINCENT and his blue caps:

Sounds Like Gene Vincent

Original LP: US & UK: CAPITOL T-1207, 1959

French CD Re-issue: Magic-Records: 1999

Includes original LP + 7 Bonus Tracks

Digitally remastered.

Sounds Like Gene Vincent

Sounds Like Gene Vincent

01. My Baby Don't Love
02. I Can't Believe You Want To Leave
03. I Might Have Known
04. In Love Again
05. You Are The One For Me
06. Ready Teddy
07. I Got To Get To You
08. Vincent's Blues
09. Maybe
10. Now Is The Hour
11. My Heart
12. Maybelline

Bonus Tracks:

13. Night Is So Lonely
14. Beautiful Brown Eyes
15. Say Mama
16. Be Bop Boogie Boy
17. Who's Pushing Your Swing
18. Anna Annabelle
19. Over The Rainbow


Gene Vincent: vocal
Jackie Kelso: saxophone
Bill Mack: bass
Johnny Meeks: guitar
Cliff Simmons: piano
Grady Owen: bass
Clyde Pennington: drums -> Gene Vincent Collection -> Sounds Like Gene Vincent